Natural Remedies for Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids are also known as piles. They occur when the veins in the lower rectum or anus dilate excessively and become varicose veins. These enlargements can be as annoying as they are painful. It is a very common condition hence the need to get the best natural remedies for hemorrhoids. In the USA alone about 50% of men and women will experience hemorrhoids by the time they are 50. Although they are not life-threatening, they can be a nuisance especially because of the itching and the pain. Sometimes the hemorrhoids can be infected causing massive bleeding, and when this happens, urgent intervention for the best treatment for hemorrhoids is required. Constipation should always be taken seriously and managed promptly. There are two types of hemorrhoids; internal and external.

What Causes Hemorrhoids to flare up?

  • Straining during bowel movement especially when you have constipation
  • Being elderly
  • Pregnancy
  • Obesity and being overweight
  • Sitting for long periods of time
  • Strong spices like red pepper
  • Drinks like coffee especially the decaffeinated type
  • Alcohol intake

Symptoms of hemorrhoids

  1. Inflamed and swollen or distended veins in the rectum and the anus.
  2. The presence of blood in the stool – for the internal hemorrhoids, the blood is a bright red while for the external hemorrhoids, there will be blood clots.
  3. Itching that is very irritating
  4. Hard, painful lumps in the anus
  5. Tender skin in the affected area
  6. Excruciating pain especially if the hemorrhoids are severe.
  7. Sometimes the pain can be intense

Personal Experience

I had just turned 36 years when I noted blood in my stool. This was later to be followed by a stinging pain in my nether region which would alternate with intense itching. A visit to my doctor revealed I had a hemorrhoid attack. Even a self-exam with my hands made me cringe in shock because my rectum was hanging out through my anal opening. But what causes hemorrhoids to flare up even when one is not 50 years yet; I wondered. The doctor administered some drugs to reduce the inflammation and get rid of the pain and itching. The drugs worked for a little while, and I had a relapse. I was no longer able to relate to my husband sexually because I was self-conscious. I became desperate and depressed. I developed allergies that I had not had before while my immune system was becoming weak. I hopped from one doctor to another hoping to get the best treatment for hemorrhoids, and every one of them had a different regime of medication. I depleted my savings with these costly visits to the doctors. What with being a possible referral candidate for corrective surgery? I often wondered whether there is a natural treatment for hemorrhoids. I felt hopeless.

All this changed when my mother, my confidant, came across the Hemorrhoids No More program while online. I resolved to give it a trial, and I have living testimony on its efficacy and effectiveness. After using the recommended natural remedies for hemorrhoids, I am now entirely free from hemorrhoids, thanks to Hemorrhoids No More program.

Natural remedies for hemorrhoids

Many things are within reach at your home and are cheap to buy. This is a departure from the creams, ointments, medications and treatments you have been spending a lot of money on, but that give you temporary solutions in return. The following are some of the ways on how to treat hemorrhoids naturally

  1. Apple Cider Vinegar

Apples and cider vinegar as Natural Remedies for Hemorrhoids

Take a part of cotton cloth and dip in the apple cider vinegar, then dab the affected area. Do this twice after bathing and repeat until the condition is gone.

  1. Coconut Oil

After a bath, apply coconut oil in the area affected by hemorrhoids.  You will soon discover that coconut oil is one of the most effective natural remedies for hemorrhoids since they will disappear within a short period.

  1. Aloe Vera

aloe Vera to treat hemorrhoids naturally

Apply aloe Vera gel to the hemorrhoids. Aloe Vera is soothing and will promote healing by relieving the symptoms.

  1. Rutin

Rutin is a compound found in numerous plants such as plants, grapefruits, lemon oranges, asparagus, etc. Consumption of these foods will contribute substantially to aid digestion and will get rid of your constipation.

  1. Witch Hazel

This tree has natural remedies for hemorrhoids. Soak a cotton cloth into the hazel witch and apply on the hemorrhoids. This will ease the pain, and the symptoms will disappear within a few days.

  1. Squat instead of sitting down

Squatting is one of the natural remedies for hemorrhoids and could be the reason this condition is less common in less developed countries than in the developed nations. In developed countries, there are toilet seats when compared to developing nations where there are pit latrines in which the users squat to empty bowels.

  1. Keep the anal area clean. Take a bath twice a day and do not use soap on the infected area because this will make the irritation more severe.
  2. Put warm water in a bathtub and sit making sure the affected anal area is covered. Soak the affected area two times a day for about 15 minutes to reduce the inflammation.
  3. Home Ointment

You can quickly prepare natural remedies for hemorrhoids at home. Mix a tablespoon of Vaseline, two tablespoons of barley flour, one egg and one tablespoon of honey to make this ointment. Beat the ingredients well until you get a smooth mixture. Keep it in a refrigerator in a glass jar. When chilled, apply directly to the affected area, and you can leave it acting overnight while you rest.

Ways of Preventing Hemorrhoids

  1. How to treat hemorrhoids naturally through Exercises

Exercises will help you lose weight. They will also assist your digestive tract to start regularly working again.

  1. Diet

Foods as natural remedies for hemorrhoids

Food is one of the natural remedies for hemorrhoids. Your diet is very influential in treating internal hemorrhoids in that your diet has a direct effect on your bowel movement factor. Eat fruits and vegetables and whole grains. They are excellent sources of fiber that reduces constipation and consequently natural remedies for hemorrhoids. Fiber adds to the volume of fecal matter and softens the stool aiding the colon to do its work optimally. Examples of fiber rich sources include broccoli, kale, spinach, oranges, pears, pineapples, flax seeds, almonds, pistachios, raisins, prunes, oats, peas, etc.

  1. Take Probiotics

Probiotics as natural remedies for for hemorrhoids

Probiotics such as yogurt and fermented cheese balance the bacteria in the gut to prevent constipation.

  1. Water as one of the natural remedies for hemorrhoids

Water to treat hemorrhoids naturally

Drink a lot of water because it helps to cleanse your internal organs and keeps the whole body hydrated. Water eases digestion and aids your bowel movement thereby eliminating constipation.

About the program Hemorrhoids No More

Natural Remedies for Hemorrhoids

The author of this program has come up with a revolutionary natural treatment for hemorrhoids by which many people around the world have been able to say goodbye to an ailment that seemed incurable. It is a holistic system that was developed through the process of trial and error and backed by 45,000+ hours of nutritional expertise. The system only uses natural remedies for hemorrhoids without resulting to drugs, creams, lotions, or even surgery, and will fix the cause of hemorrhoids in 30-60 days. Unlike conventional medicine that only addresses the symptoms and give temporary relief after which the hemorrhoids attack comes back with a vengeance. The Hemorrhoids No More will address the disease internally and externally to eliminate it entirely. It is therefore the best treatment for hemorrhoids. It will also examine ways in which to prevent the hemorrhoids from recurring in the future. The program uses holistic methods with no side effects as you would be found in many conventional treatments.

 Benefits of the Hemorrhoids No More Program

  1. Curing hemorrhoids permanently in 48 hours using only natural remedies for hemorrhoids, eliminating all the symptoms such as bleeding, pain, itching, and inflammation
  2. You will be able to lose extra weight to make you look healthier and younger
  3. It eliminates fatigue and back pain making you feel revitalized and re-energized
  4. The system is affordable because most of the ingredients for the home remedies are readily available in the local grocery stores or supermarkets
  5. You will be relieved of constipation
  6. Food allergies and digestive disorders like bloating and acid reflux will be eliminated
  7. Their general health and quality of life will improve
  8. Enjoy increased mental clarity, enthusiasm and vitality.

About the Author

Jessica Wright is a reputable medical researcher, health consultant, nutrition specialist and author of the Hemorrhoid No More™ system the best treatment for hemorrhoids. For about 12 years, she suffered from recurring and chronic and often severe hemorrhoids and their related discomfort. After trying many types of available conventional treatments, she discovered that they only worsened her condition making her more miserable. Nonetheless, out of a long process of diligence and trial and error, she developed the right combination of powerful and potent natural remedies for hemorrhoids that eliminated her hemorrhoids permanently. Since then, thousands of men and women around the world have already used the program successfully to become hemorrhoid free since it’s the best treatment for hemorrhoids.  She knows what will work for you and what will not. You should, therefore, work with an expert who only uses natural remedies for hemorrhoids and is more than willing to help you.


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 Conclusion on Natural Remedies for Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids can be a source of stress for you. Fortunately, with proper prevention and application of natural remedies for hemorrhoids, this difficult condition can be eliminated permanently. The causes of hemorrhoids are well known, identify which is your trigger, and this could help you find the best treatment for hemorrhoids. You need not suffer anymore. Click here for more information.