How to Get a Toned Bum in 1 Week

A bikini is the ultimate swimwear. It is the absolute vacation goal when it comes to your body. Did you think that bikinis are only of women? Not so! Men also wear bikinis with popular swimwear brands like skinzwear carrying a bikini line for men. But here is what you probably know as a fan of bikinis: You need an incredible bikini butt to pull off one of these numbers. So how to get a toned bum in 1 week is a question asked by many.

Two-piece bathing suits existed even in the ’30s, but 1946 is credited with being the year the bikini came to life. Bikinis are a direct result of rationing of clothing material after World War II. I believe the creator of the modern bikini, French man Louis Reard, would be thrilled with his invention. More so in this day and age when the barely-there clothing trend is on the rise.

Bikinis are especially the poster clothing for the emancipation of women, and they have encouraged the growth of industries like skin tanning and bikini waxing.

So what does the bikini butt have to do with wearing a bikini?

A nice looking derriere is structurally crucial for the right look of a bikini. Yes, we said structurally crucial! You see, a bikini already has little material, so coverage is scant. As such, a firm behind will look better in a bikini. Notice we did not say a small derriere because a firm tush doesn’t have to be tiny to fit in a bikini. There are bikinis for plus-size customers.

What is the Bikini Butt System?

The Bikini Butt System is a resource that guides you to achieve the best shape and form for your butt and thighs. What you will love is that the program is geared towards creating the best bikini butt for any body type. It is not size or ethnicity-specific, so women of color, as well as Caucasian women, benefit from the same workouts.

Andrea Albright created the Bikini Butt system, and it mainly works by activating the fat cells in your glutes, hips, and thighs. The program shows you exactly how to use three main elements to achieve a firmer, bikini friendly butt in 28 days. One thing you must understand is that the overall effect of this resource is weight loss. It is not a miracle cream or gimmick to achieve an incredible bikini butt without some toning.

The system is a digital resource which includes the following:

  • The Bikini Butt Success Journal
  • Smooth out cellulite program
  • 28 day Bikini Butt Fast Track
  • Tone your Tush My Bikini Series
  • Personal coaching video
  • Brazilian Diet Secret Super tip
  • Fat melting Meal Plans
  • Blast the Fat Quick Start Guide
  • Total Bikini Body Mini vacation

You also get unlimited customer support 24/7 due to the popularity of the program.

What Constitutes the Ideal Bikini Butt?

The ideal butt has changed so much that it is impossible to pinpoint the perfect butt. In the last century, there has been an interesting shift in the ideal butt. From flat non-existent behinds to big, round and curvy one what we can agree on is that women will come in all shapes and sizes and so will their butts.

A great bikini butt regardless of the size will have the following features

A firm, toned look

The word firm can have different connotations for different people. For some, firm is compact and muscular with a hardness to it. Others consider firm to be taut but still soft. Regardless of the level of firmness you subscribe to, a firm backside features more muscle than fat and sits high on a person’s frame. A low lying tush is a clear sign of sagging and excess fat in the glutes region.

As you exercise, your entire body benefits, including the arms, back, chest, and shoulders. The result is not just a great butt in a bikini but also an overall shapely body.

Proportionate to the legs and thighs

An overly thick backside sitting on very skinny legs and thighs does not look normal no matter how much the women walking around with surgically enhanced behinds may try to convince us. The butt to thigh ratio needs to be normal, which is why a natural butt as a result of exercise looks better in a bikini. With a natural butt, as you exercise your glutes, your thighs and legs benefit and also tone in the process. So when you wear a bikini, your body looks proportional.

Minimal cellulite

Once again note we did not say no cellulite. A healthy smattering of cellulite is okay even for the firmest bikini-ready butt. However, too much cellulite is unsightly. Despite all the cellulite creams that claim to get rid of the fat dimples, cellulite responds to fat-burning exercises. After all, cellulite deposits of fat trapped in between the connective tissue.

Soft skin

Taking care of your butt is rarely a glamorous affair. Think about it, from the sweat-inducing donkey kicks and squats to cellulite creams we understand that a bikini butt doesn’t come easy. But when showing off your bikini friendly behind soft moisturized skin is essential.

Imagine working hard on your butt only to show it off looking ashy and dry. No matter how firm it is, that is not an appealing look. If you have stretch marks, they become even more visible. A little body scrub followed by a tush spa day that includes a peel treatment, steaming, and a hydrating mask on your cheeks will make a huge difference. Also, right before you hit the beach do not forget your all-over base coat of a moisturizing lotion with sunscreen to keep your seat looking fresh.

How the Bikini Butt System Achieves the Above Areas

The system utilizes two key areas and tweaks them to meet the needs of the women. Let’s check out the two pillars of the Bikini Butt System.

Lower body exercises

This system does not push you to your limit with extreme cardio exercises. To begin with, you do not even step in a gym. Andrea’s program focuses on simple but effective lower body exercises that you do only 90 minutes per week. That translates to only fifteen minutes a day.

You may be wondering: Does such a short workout session yield results?

Well, consider this: The lower body burns fat faster than the upper body. With just enough efficient fat burning exercises, you can lose fat more quickly in these regions. Click here to get the program and unleash The Bikini Butt system workouts. Andrea personally coaches you in a video and provides you with a series called blast the fat quick to help you achieve a firm tush. One of the effective fat-burning techniques you can expect is the time tension principle.

Plus, additional resources like the Smooth Out Cellulite Program are excellent for giving you a clear and smooth look on the thighs and butt cheeks.

Tips on healthy eating

The success of the Bikini Butt System lies in the healthy relationship it nurtures between food and exercise. The program does not recommend cutting out your favorite foods as one would in a standard diet (whoop whoop for those who hate diets!). Instead, Andrea advocates staggering your calorie intake by eating mini-meals.

You eat the same amount of food as always but within intervals of 3 hours to boost your metabolism. By doing this, your metabolism works twice as fast compared to someone who eats a meal after six hours. On top of this, the program comes with the Fat Melting Meal Plan course that will help you use ingredients that make it conducive for you to burn fat.

And when you eat right your skin, including your butt cheeks, glow with health. Your skin becomes soft, and with a little moisturizing, your butt looks plump and radiant in the bikini.

The Best Weight Loss Advice

We consider this the overall pillar of the program. This last pillar of this system is a crucial piece of advice that doesn’t always apply to other fitness experts. Ask for advice from someone who has been there and done it.

Andrea Albright is a regular woman just like you and me. She had fat where she didn’t want it and did something that worked for her to get rid of it. So now she shares what she did with the rest of us. Her program is borne out of firsthand experience that is relatable to women of all walks of life. Also, she has managed to maintain her leaner and firmer physique for over fifteen years using the tenets of this program that she created. She is her own guinea pig and the results she has achieved give us hope and make this an exciting program to embark on.

With many other fitness experts, you and I are the guinea pigs. Think of it this way: how can a naturally athletic woman relate to the weight loss struggle of an endomorphic bodied woman. It is near impossible and yet they try out programs they have never tried on themselves. And if they have, they are not ideal for other body types because they are not tailored to their needs. With this program, Andrea takes into account the most problematic areas for all women of all body types and addresses that. That’s why it works for every woman as a sure way of how to get a toned bum in 1 week.

There is only one downside to this program: it is tailored to meet the needs of women and not men. Once again, this is proof that Andrea Albright is not trying to address issues that she has not experienced. However, there are other systems created exclusively for men like the SpecForce Alpha System, which meets masculine needs better, resulting in a better male form.

Our Final Thoughts

How to Get a Toned Bum in 1 Week

The Bikini Butt System provides endomorphic women with a tried, tested, and proven program tailored for their body type and with living proof of the results. Ectomorphic and mesomorphic bodied women can also use this program to challenge themselves and push themselves out of their comfort zones. Once you have attained the bikini butt of your dreams, remember to go for a fancy spa day and keep it radiant.