Ways on How to get Rid of Acne Naturally with No Side Effects

We are all housed in our skins. Your face, back, neck, and chest is covered in hundreds of thousands of pores. Sometimes they are blocked by dead cells and sebum, the oil that ensures that your skin maintains natural moisture. This makes your natural armor develop chinks in the form of acne. Acne affects women, men, and teenagers indiscriminately. The bacterial infection of hair follicles is a cause of acne or pimples. If the blocked follicle is close to the surface of the skin, it swells outwards, creating a white head. Alternatively, the blocked follicle can open to the surface creating a blackhead that will prompt you to seek a way on how to get rid of acne naturally. An acne attack is not just a rite of passage; it can either be short-lived or very severe and disfiguring if you fail to look for the best natural acne treatment.

More than a beating on your self-esteem, the appearance of acne may indicate a hormonal imbalance, stress or deeper health problems. Acne is not infectious; therefore, you cannot get it from or pass it on to other people.

Effects of Acne

Even after remedies for acne are applied, the acne scars remain, and this can have severe psychological effects on the sufferer. Here are some of the major effects if you fail to get a method on how to get rid of acne naturally:

  • Depression and anxiety
  • Social withdrawal e.g. difficulty to bond and build new relationships
  • Decreased self-esteem
  • Reduced self-confidence
  • Poor body image
  • Embarrassment
  • Feelings of depression
  • Anger
  • Preoccupation
  • Frustration

Different types of Acne
1. Whiteheads are small blemishes with creamy “heads,” which occur when the follicles get blocked with sebum and dead skin cells.
2. Blackheads are open, hence the black appearance
3. Papules are red and swollen. They have no pus and are relatively small to medium in size.
4. Pustules have got pus and may feel painful to the touch.

What is the Likely Cause of acne on your Body?

Age – Adolescents are at risk factor of getting acne. The sebaceous glands are sensitive to hormones. An increase of testosterone causes the glands to produce more sebum than the skin needs.
Hormonal changes as a cause of acne – some women have a flare-up of acne just before their monthly periods. Similarly, acne can be more severe in some pregnant women especially during the first trimester. This is a sensitive period for women who must seek suitable remedies for acne, especially on how to get rid of acne naturally.
Cosmetics and makeup
Most cases of acne in adult women relate to the use of makeup and cosmetics that clog pores.
Acne in families
Acne can be hereditary. If your parents had acne at any stage in life, you are also likely to have breakouts hence the need for you to use proper remedies for acne.

• Other triggers
Acne flare-up is also triggered by some cosmetic products, certain medications, such as steroid medications, and some drugs used to treat depression and bipolar disorder, smoking, which cause of acne in older people.

Real Experience

My younger sister Alexis missed an employment opportunity due to acne though she had all the necessary academic and professional qualifications for the advertised posts. The post was for a personal assistant to a general manager of a blue-chip company. She had had facial acne for four years without getting effective remedies for acne that would ultimately give her the liberty she badly desired.

Unfortunately, on the interview day, new pustules had reddened and puffed up her face to the extent of making her look hideous. This gnawed at her self-confidence that she missed the scores from the interviewing panel. Her looks also made her lose favor because the job required a lady with velvety skin, as would be from the cover of a magazine. The acne hid her real beauty. Later, as she surfed through the net, she stumbled upon the Acne No More program that she dismissed as a sales gimmick. She became curious and she purchased the program. Her skin cleared within days after learning how to get rid of acne naturally from the use of the e-book content.

How to get rid of acne naturally through Prevention

You can eliminate acne by:

1. Realizing Stress is a Cause of acne

How to get Rid of Acne Naturally by avoiding Stress

Avoid stress and factors that trigger it in your life. Aesthetic specialists explain overload of work, accumulation of functions and stress as causes of hormonal changes. Pressure displayed by nervousness, anxiety and discouragement do not match a healthy skin.

2. Resisting Poor habits

 Squeezing and poking blackheads and pimples does not help in any way on how to get rid of acne naturally. The practice damages the skin because the hands may be dirty and contaminated. This could worsen the symptoms and may leave you scarred.

3. Avoiding Exposure to the Sun as the best natural acne treatment method

The heat and sweat may enable the growth of fungi and bacteria, facilitating the emergence of skin infections such as acne. The solar blaze is a cause of acne in adults exposed to it without adequate protection. The problem is more prevalent in summer and usually affects the area of the back and shoulders.

4. Observing Skin Hygiene

A clean and grease-free skin is the first step on how to get rid of acne naturally. Remove all makeup from the skin twice a day; wash the affected area with suitable liquid soap. Maintaining skin hygiene is paramount on how to treat acne naturally.

5. Diet

How to get Rid of Acne Naturally of Acne using Food

Beware that if you desire remedies for acne, avoid consuming foods with too much fat, iodine, vitamin B12 harms your skin, hair, etc. Dietitians recommend you exercise great balance and moderation when consuming them. Carbohydrates are a cause of acne as the food raises insulin in the body making the body sensitive to the action of androgen.

How to get Rid of Acne Naturally at Home

Acne not only affects your face but also affects your mood, as it leads to negative thoughts, low self-esteem and possibly depression. Remedies for acne are geared towards preventing the formation of new lesions and help heal existing ones. Dermatologists may prescribe topical or oral forms of treatment to treat acne eruptions. However, there are natural treatments that will aid you on how to get rid of acne naturally. They are very useful and bear no side effects.

1. How to get rid of acne naturally by the use of Baking Soda?

Baking soda unlocks the pores and removes dead cells. It also helps regain pH balance in the skin and has mild anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties. That is what makes it one of the most excellent remedies for acne. Mix two tablespoons of baking soda, a teaspoon of cinnamon powder, juice of half a lemon, and five tablespoons of honey. Apply to the face twice a week and leave for about five minutes then rinse.

2. How to treat acne naturally through Exercise

How to get Rid of Acne through Exercises
Exercises help to cut down stress that sometimes contributes to acne outbreaks. Exercises help you on how to get rid of acne naturally by increasing the circulation of blood in your skin. You are also able to send more oxygen to your skin cells and aid in removing cell waste. Ensure that you shower immediately after a workout to starve the bacteria on your skin from the sweat

3. Does Water assist on How to get rid of acne naturally?

How to get RId of Acne Naturally through Water

Yes. An increase in daily water intake is one of the best natural remedies for acne eruptions. Water flushes out toxins from your body. Water hydrates your skin inside-out. Remember that acne develops from under the skin. Also, proper personal hygiene is necessary. Use mild soaps and avoid abrasive exfoliation of the skin.

4. Papaya/ Paw Paws

Papaya is an essential ingredient in many beauty products. Papaya is one of the most potent remedies for acne. It removes dead skin cells and excess fat from the surface of the skin, leaving it soft and smooth. The enzyme papain found in paw paws reduces inflammation and helps prevent the formation of pus thus helping you on how to get rid of acne naturally. Mash the pulp of papaya, until a consistency that can be easily applied to the skin. Clean your face with water and pat dry.

5. Cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is a powerhouse when it comes to how to get rid of acne naturally. First, it eliminates bacteria that may be causing all the problems and also balances the pH of the skin, which in turn makes it difficult for bacteria to proliferate. Avoid over-use because it will make the skin dry up triggering the sebaceous glands to over-produce oil to compensate, and thus leads to an outbreak of acne. Wash your face with water and pat dry. Soak a ball of cotton with this liquid and apply directly to the affected area and wash your face thoroughly afterward.

6. How to get rid of acne naturally using Citrus Fruits

How to get Rid of Acne Naturally by use of orange and lemon
Lemon and orange juices are rich in vitamin C, which is suitable for all skin types.

  • helps clean the skin
  • is an excellent astringent that causes contraction of affected tissues thereby causing the acne to dry up.
  • Whitens the skin and reduces redness.
  • Promotes the growth of normal new cells and helps keep the skin in good condition
  • Dry orange peels in the sun and grind into a paste that you apply to entire face or the problem areas

7. Essential oil of Tea Tree

The essential oil of tea tree dissolves the sebum and dead skin cells and unclogs blocked pores. It eliminates bacteria that cause acne and aids you on how to get rid of acne naturally. It prevents outbreaks in the future. This oil is safe for your application directly onto the skin without diluting before use.

8. Green tea

Green tea has a significant impact on how to get rid of acne naturally when applied topically. It contains an antioxidant known to reduce sebum production, inflammation and bacterial growth on the skin. Soak a piece of cotton and apply to the problem areas.

9. Banana peel

Bananas are full of all kinds of benefits, including those parts that you do not usually eat. Their skins contain lutein. This potent antioxidant answers your quest on how to get rid of acne naturally by reducing swelling and inflammation. It stimulates the growth of healthy cells. Banana peels may lessen the discomfort of acne.

10. Honey and cinnamon

Sticky honey and spicy cinnamon are extra-ordinarily a powerful and effective combination on how to get rid of acne naturally. Cinnamon and honey have antimicrobial properties, which combat growth of bacteria, help reduce inflammation of the skin. Make a smooth paste out of 2 tablespoons of honey and one teaspoon of cinnamon that you will apply on your face or other affected areas. Do this treatment before taking a shower for ease of removal while bathing.

11. Honey and milk or yogurt

Dairy products, applied topically, can assist you on how to get rid of acne naturally. They reduce breakouts and tone your skin by calming the irritated skin and reducing redness. Yogurt contains acids that are antibacterial while its fat provides moisture. It is very nutritious for the skin. Mix 1 tablespoon milk or yogurt with one tablespoon of honey and apply the mixture with cotton wool.

12. Tomatoes

How to get Rid of Acne Naturally using tomatoes

Unknown to many people, the tomato is a big boost on how to get rid of acne naturally. It is capable of clearing even the worst cases of acne. Tomatoes, are a rich source of vitamin C, A, E, B and K. These vitamins are also found in most prescription acne medications. Unfortunately, many are yet to take advantage of tomatoes that are time-tested remedies for acne. The antioxidant in tomatoes can stop the damage to the cells of your skin if applied topically. Tomato juice also has a high level of acidity that dries the skin when applied on to acne. The patches and pores on your skin tighten thereby stopping the leak of body oil that causes acne.

13. The Acne No More System

How to get Rid of Acne Naturally using Acne No More
This is an e-book generated from reliable research findings on what works and what does not in the treatment of acne. This being a natural treatment and control method of acne from your body, it is reliable, with no side effects as found after use of conventional drugs. The methods described herein on how to get rid of acne naturally are informed, practical and affordable.

Benefits of the Acne No More System

  • Rejuvenate yourself and regain your self-confidence
  • Get out of your cocoon of shame and enjoy life to the fullest
  • Feel and look as attractive as you have ever desired; privately and when you have the company of the opposite sex
  • Be bold to see people without hiding under make-up or dressing
  • Feel lighter, healthier and revitalized
  • Get rid of shame, embarrassment, desperation, frustration completely
  • Achieve your dreams and reinvigorate your withered life targets with conviction and passion

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