How to Lose Weight at Home in 7 Days

Gaining weight is a gradual process. For most women, it can be as a result of back to back pregnancies while for men it can be due to high-calorie intake and a lack of adequate exercise. Many look for ways of how to lose weight at home in 7 days.

It  is not to say that these are the only reasons for rapid or gradual weight gain. There are quite a few reasons, and we list the most common ones below:

  • Genetic – some people are more susceptible to weight and obesity; as a result of genes
  • Overeating processed foods that appear irresistible over some time can lead to excess weight gain
  • Food addiction especially in the case where the foods that you crave are sugar-sweetened and high-fat junk foods
  • Insulin resistance, as well as high insulin levels, can lead to obesity. Part of the solution lies in eating more fiber and a reduction in refined carbs
  • Medication can be a cause of weight gain. That is especially true in the case when medication causes an increase in appetite and a decrease in the number of calories burned
  • Leptin resistance – Leptin is an appetite-reducing hormone that alerts your brain on how much fat is stored in reserve. Unfortunately, in obese people, Leptin does not make it across the blood-brain barrier to communicate with the brain

The reasons for weight gain are so many and some beyond our control. Whereas we may not have control of some aspects of how our body functions, we certainly have a choice as to what we opt to eat and the lifestyle we choose to have. These two factors when heeded can make a significant positive impact on our overall health by preventing medical conditions such as diabetes and obesity.

Does the science behind weight loss matter?

If you are overweight or have been overweight at some point in your life, then you will know that it is not a pleasant feeling. It can take a toll on your health, productivity, mood, lifestyle, and diminish the quality of life. You will also know that shedding off that weight to achieve a target weight of your desire is quite a project and no easy task on how to lose weight fast in a week at home.

Fortunately, numerous weight shedding products can help you along in your journey. The sciences behind weight loss are varied, and some may work for you, while some may not be the best option. In my weight loss posts, I always make sure to inform you that what worked for your buddy in her efforts to lose weight may not necessarily work for you. That’s because not all our genetic makeup is the same. And also we may be at different stages in life facing varied health challenges over and above the weight.

Another aspect that you cannot afford to overlook when attempting to lose weight is your lifestyle and preferences. All these differ from one person to another. So it makes sense to choose a weight loss program whose science agrees with you on the several vital levels as mentioned above. That aspect is vital as it forms the basis of whether you will go the whole nine yards with a chosen program or you will quit in the middle before attaining the weight loss results that you know you are possible.

Similarities in the programs

Although the sciences behind most programs can differ, most will converge at certain points. Those points are usually geared towards the following:

  • Increasing metabolic rate to burn fat more faster and effectively
  • Meal plans that are low in carbs and designed to provide you with a calorie deficiency that is necessary to lose weight
  • A workout program for toning your body and keeping your Cardio healthy as it complements your diet in burning fat and sculpting your body.

To exercise or not to exercise

Exercise is relative as some people are more inclined to going to the gym and exerting their bodies to varying degrees through resistance training. While for others, going to the gym is not something they are accustomed to and prefer walking, jogging, or even working out in the house. For some, exercise is not their Forte and would not know where to begin.

Is it possible to lose weight without exercising? The answer to that question is an absolute yes. There are diet plans that consist of natural foods only that can help you lose weight naturally. That is without exercise nor the need to take supplements.

Although it is possible to lose weight without having to contend with a heavy workout routine, incorporating some form of exercises that you are comfortable with once or twice a week, will help you feel healthier and will increase the rate at which you burn fat.

In short, you can successfully lose weight exclusively through a proper diet plan, but you will not achieve a toned body without exercise. Including some form of exercise will help you lose weight even faster and tone your body as well for a better look.

What to look out for when choosing a weight loss program that works for you

Here are a few pointers that can help you along on the process of choosing the right weight loss program that fit you.

1. Know your objective

Losing weight can be a long term affair. So depending on your situation, you may want to set some realistic and achievable weight loss goals for yourself. Although your overall objective is to lose weight, you may also desire to have a lifestyle change, such as being a little bit more active. Whereas you may not be able to run at fast, you can start walking and see how that goes. Then gradually, as you gain momentum and confidence, you can take it to the next reasonable physical level for you. That may be walking a slightly longer route or graduate to a slow jog and so forth.

In short, the realistic weight loss objectives that you desire, will inform the diet plan and/or the workout program that you will settle for.

Settling for a program that agrees with you and does not cause too drastic a change is crucial as it determines whether you will stick with it or give up along the way. Aim to progress slowly but incrementally.

With a bit of patience and consistency, you will be in awe at the weight loss achievements that you will make. And how great your body feels.

2. Understand the science

The underlying working of most diet programs are more or less similar. But it is imperative on your part to have a good grasp of how a diet plan, for instance, will work on you to lose weight. If you settle on a diet plan alone, the onus is on you to know that the diet will help you lose fat but will not tone your body.

So it would be unreasonable to expect a sculpted body from such a program. Knowing your objectives and understanding the science behind the weight loss program will, to a degree help you make the right choice.

3. Easy to understand

Equally important is settling for a weight loss program that is written in a way that you can quickly grasp what the program is communicating to you. That way, you are able to pick up all the vital information and implementing with ease without getting lost in anatomical jargon.

While there is so much to consider before settling on the best weight loss program for you, the above points do help point you in the right direction

Would you like to lose weight with minimal to no exercise, then this is for you

Like we alluded to earlier, not everybody is enthused nor can hit the gym and do strenuous workouts. That is not to say that going to the gym is terrible, but to acknowledge and respect that it may not everybody’s cup of tea.

So if you are one who would rather steer clear of the gym but still need to shed unwanted weight, you will certainly be happy to make your acquaintance with the ‘Pound Melter’ weight loss program. That is the one program whose science is exceptional and different from the rest of the pack.

The Pound Melter is a science-based program designed by Paul Sanders. It is a weight loss plan crafted to achieve the following:

  • Achieve beyond what exercising and dieting can. That is burning calories 400% faster
  • Free radical in your body is the main reason aging occurs more quickly. The Pound Melter fends off free radical and slows down the aging process
  • Decreases your chances of contracting health conditions such as diabetes, cancer, and stroke

The Pound Melter diet weight loss program is considered to be one of the best by virtue of so many positive reviews. I can’t think of any weight loss plan that can honestly boast of the ability to shed 28 pounds of excess fats in as short a time as 30 days. All that without popping diet pills, following stringent diets and even having to go to the gym.

But how can that be? Surely that is all hype you might say. But you best believe that what the Pound Melter weight loss program claims to do it delivers. That is attested to by the many online positive reviews of men and women who have successfully shed stubborn weight through this get lean program.

How does the Pound Melter work?

Does it even really work? That is a common question from most people who come across this program. They can be skeptical at first. And that is totally understandable because the science behind most get lean programs that you have come across preach diet and physical activity as a way to burn fat. And while they may be right, none can claim to burn fat 400% faster as the Pound Melter proudly does.

The difference is in the approach and the effectiveness of the science behind the Pound Melter. This get-lean program focuses on activating the ‘dark fat cells’ in your body. According to a study conducted in Harvard, dark fat cells have an incredible ability to burn fat. Although the study proves that fact, it fails to address a way to activate the dark fat cells.

The Harvard study also serves to refute the common belief that fat cells in humans are purely white. Paul Sander’s fat burning guide, shows you the type of foods to eat to activate the dark fat cell. Therefore you turn your body into an efficient fat-burning machine that dissolves stored fat.

The dark fat cells can be activated through eating the right foods and in the correct combinations. These are foods that can activate your dark fat cell through the lowering of your body temperature. Yeah! I know that sounds weird. Such foods as outlined in the Pound Melter include watermelon, mint, and coconut, to name a few. Once your body temperature is lowered naturally through eating such foods, the dark fat cells are activated to overdrive and burn fat rapidly.

What do you get with the Pound Melter

  1. This program contains a list of ‘cold’ foods that are readily available and inexpensive. Other than nourishment, the purpose of cold foods is to lower your body temperature and set your dark fat cells on overdrive
  2. The program offers a step by step guide on how to get rid of white fat cells which store excess fat. They can be destroyed by converting them to usable energy through a combination of foods
  3. Plenty of advice on how to match up cold foods and taboo foods on weight loss diets
  4. Simple exercises that you can do in 15-minute sessions three times a week

Who is the Pound Melter not for

This weight loss program is not for you if you fall in any of the following categories:

  • You are looking to build muscle or for great work out routines
  • If you have serious health complications that need you to be on a strict diet
  • The Pound Melter is not for you if you cannot follow the simple instructions in the guide. Lowering your body temperature as described in the Pound Melter guide is achieved through the specific ‘cold foods’ provided in the guide. You should NOT attempt to lower your body temperature in any other way. That can be detrimental to your health and will not achieve the results that you are looking for.


This is a unique approach to weight loss suitable for persons who are not too keen on heavy work out programs. Whether you are looking to shed 10 pounds or 100 pounds, the Pound Melter is your go-to plan. It will have you lean within a reasonable time frame.

Users who have been through this program remarked on how the diet is a breath of fresh air to their weight loss efforts. No diet pills, no gym, and no strict diet plans. With this get-lean program, you do not have to go a single day feeling hungry. Neither do you need to make major adjustments to your lifestyle. This is unless they are in direct conflict with your objective of losing weight. The Pound Melter offers a new and revolutionary approach to weight loss.

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