How to Lose Weight Naturally at home Remedy

Looking good the old fashioned way.

Don’t you ever feel like you should give yourself some credit for how you look? First of all, you eat healthily, you also exercise when you have time and indulge in moderation. Remarkably, you are over forty and you have not have had any work done on your body. Nonetheless, since life starts at forty, you can do even better for your body and health. But, you are probably wondering, is there a way to how to lose weight naturally at home remedy? How do I get an even, better body? What if there was a body shaping system that can help you shape and reinvent your body. Yes, there is a system. It also helps you get rid of the aches and muscle discomforts that come with ageing. That is what the Old School; New Body has in store for you.

Initially, most people find themselves in a few missteps in their quest for wellness before they discover an answer. Some try the following methods before their journey ends up with Old School New Body as the ultimate fitness solution.

1) Weight loss pills

A doctor can prescribe weight loss pills if your BMI is higher than 30, more so, if there is a condition that is life-threatening and is linked to your excessive weight. Unfortunately, some people have taken these pills as their go-to fast track to weight loss even without a prescription. Here are some of the most common prescription weight loss drugs on the market and how they work

Trying to Lose Weight Naturally using pills


This medication contains a higher dosage of Victoza, a type 2 diabetes drug. It sends signals to your brain that your stomach is full. It has side effects like low blood pressure, gall bladder disease, pancreatitis, diarrhoea, nausea, and vomiting. These are horrible side effects to bear. Therefore, if you will not have lost at least 4% of your body weight after 16 weeks of consistent use, doctors recommend you stop using it.


It lowers your appetite, thereby causing you to eat less. The side effects include dizziness,

nausea, constipation, and fatigue. Discontinue usage if you lose less than 5% of your weight after 12 weeks of taking this drug.



This weight loss pill prevents your body from absorbing at least a third of the fat you consume. Though this drug is safe for long term use, you can expect abdominal cramping, leaking stool with an oily consistency, increased bowel movement, and a lot of gas. It also disables the body from absorbing Vitamin A, E, K and D.


This is a combination of drugs used to treat dependence on opioids, and alcohol depression. It also helps people beat the smoking habit. Its side effects, include headaches, vomiting, insomnia, and constipation. More severe side effects include increased risk of suicidal behavior and thoughts as well as seizures. Ultimately, it can also increase your heart rate and blood pressure.


This drug is used for a few weeks only. It reduces your appetite by limiting how much food you eat. Nonetheless, it has some severe side effects which include chest pain, shortness of breath, and increased blood pressure. If you take it late in the evening, it may cause insomnia. You may also experience nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea while taking this medication. Phentermine is an amphetamine and it can easily become addictive.


This is a combination of drugs used to control seizures and migraines. The drug makes you feel full and burns calories faster. The side effects include tingling hands, insomnia, and poor taste of food. Significantly, it can also cause congenital disabilities like cleft lip when consumed by pregnant women. In some cases, it has caused eyesight problems that can result in complete vision loss if not adequately treated. If you can get pregnant, make sure you use birth control.

2) Endermologie

This treatment boasts of the ability to clear cellulite and reduce the fat cells in your body. It stimulates the lymphatic system encouraging your body to drain the excess fluids that cause unwanted bulges. The treatment uses a roller massage tool and suction to break up the pockets of fat. Consequently, it also helps alleviate muscle aches and contours the body.

Unfortunately, this is not a standalone treatment. It supports invasive procedures like liposuction and helps patients recover from the surgery with better results. Users report better results with the reduction of cellulite as you recover. Plus, you need ten sessions after the liposuction to see results. Unfortunately, its long term effects are yet to be proven.

3) Chewing gum

Weight loss trainers and other industry expert recommend chewing gum to help manage your hunger and cravings. Nevertheless, this does that mean that you will shed significant amounts of pounds by chewing gum? Not at all! The most significant weight loss benefit you will receive from chewing gum is curbing the need to for a calorie-filled treat like doughnuts.

\All the same, some concerns over chewing gum includes bloating because of swallowing air as you chew. Also, sugar-free gum contains a sweetener known as sorbitol, which acts as a laxative. Some people complain of cases of chronic diarrhea and stomach pain traceable to excessive consumption of sorbitol as people chew more gum sticks to feel full.

4) Fat burning creams

Fat burning creams are also known as lipo burners. Such creams work by loosening the fat by dehydrating the tissue around them. The loosened fat is then burnt for energy, thereby reducing the amount of stored fat and reducing your weight.

The main advantages of fat burning creams are that they are easy to use and have very minimal side effects. Unfortunately, they cannot be used as a standalone weight loss measure. They do not enjoy much little scientific research to back their safety and efficiency.

5) Cosmetic surgery

This option has become the norm for many people with even teenagers going under the knife to “improve” their looks. The treatments include tummy tucks, butt, arm and thigh lifts, liposuction, body lift, and body contouring, among others. Cosmetic surgery is expensive, invasive, and often irreversible with you getting stuck with any flaws that may result from it. On top of that, the downtime needed to recover from the surgical procedure will mean time away from work.

There are two main risks with all of the above weight loss solutions: One, some may not give you sustainable results. Second, some are downright unhealthy, life-threatening, and life-altering.

Growing Older and Staying Fit Safely

Looking at the above list is either scary or mediocre. Regardless, you still want to continue looking great as you age and here are four ways to stay fit safely: –

Go to the Gym

Most gyms have a trainer who can be an excellent resource if you are looking for someone to help you with your fitness goals. From the equipment to the gradual challenge to get fitter and do more, a gym can be the place where you get the motivation to continue leading a healthy life.

Exercises to Lose Weight Naturally at home

Find an age-friendly gym in your area that offers classes for strength training, balance and muscle strength classes, cardio and aerobics sessions, and flexibility exercises. These are the core areas that are impacted the most as we age. Even just a few minutes of resistance training and cardio will eliminate the usual aches and pains that come with growing older.

Dance classes

According to a study by Stanford University, dancing makes you smarter. Notably, the physical exertion resulting from dancing reduces stress and increases serotonin levels. This, thereby, gives you better mental clarity to make smart decisions.

Walking Apps

Some excellent apps can help you enjoy your walk. Using these apps, you can form a group of people who love to walk and enjoy nature and make this your go-to-exercise routine. Here are three excellent free options for older people.

MapMyWalk GPS for android, iOS, and Windows

This app allows you to share your route with like-minded individuals who would like to join you for a walk. You can share the information via social media with your friends and family. Further, the app allows you to save previous routes to use again in the future. The app gives you crucial stats like time spent walking, speed, distance, and calories burned, which help you increase your fitness level.

FitBit App Mobile Tracker

Don’t worry; you don’t need a FitBit to use this app. This FitBit app can help you track your walks using GPS, and it even tells you how many steps you took. The app also offers you stats vital to improving your walking workout such as calories burned, time taken during the walk, your pace, the distance, and route.

Walkmeter GPS

This app has plenty of features to try, and it links to Google maps. As a result, you can transfer routes from the browser directly into the app. Also, you can try and compete with other existing stats recorded for the trail you have chosen. The app contains maps and training plans to help even the beginner grow their walking workout.

What sets Old School New Body Apart?

How to Lose Weight Naturally at home Remedy

This fitness solution is created to cater specifically to the more seasoned members of society. Middle-aged men and women have found success with this program; success that eluded them with other attempts to looking and feeling great.  Old School New Body program utilizes old, tried and tested formulas including:

  • Eating healthy
  • Enough rest
  • Regular exercise

All these are things you can do without going under the surgeon’s knife or popping pills. To reap maximum benefits, from this program, the emphasis is mainly on the exercise section, although it does touch a bit on eating healthy.

The program is created by Becky and Steve Holman. The two are fitness experts and have been living a healthy, fit lifestyle for a long time. As they edged into their forties, they realized there were crucial changes that they needed to effect in their routine. They also recognized that most people in this age bracket would benefit from their insights.

The program walks you away from the insane programs that are the rage but hardly safe in the fitness realm. It has four focus exercises, which is why it is known as the F4X body shaping system. These exercises include: –

  • Incline presses
  • Squats
  • Upright rows
  • Bent over rows

You will find three workout plans in the program that all contain the above exercises. Each work out takes a maximum of 60 minutes and a minimum of 30 minutes.

But it says 90 minutes on the package!

Well here is where it gets interesting: the three F4X workout plans offer different difficulties resulting in a difference in the time spent on each. Here are the plans:

F4X Lean

This plan is meant for beginners or those who have not been consistent in their workouts. It gives you 30 minutes of workout time three times every week. The plan is a flexible and excellent solution for people who are pressed for time but would love to put in a workout.

F4X Shape

The F4X regime is a moderately intense workout for people graduating from the Lean plan.  This plan incorporates the four exercises mentioned above. For this reason, you should do the workouts three times a week. Forty-five minutes are enough to finish the workout.

F4X Build

This is the most intense workout as it will take you about 90 minutes to accomplish. It is your plan if you are a veteran fitness enthusiast who can afford to do it four times a week. With this level, you will require high energy levels compared to Shape and Lean plans.

The Old School New Body program is fashioned after the great Vince Gironda’s system the emphasizes on your safety aspect as a user. Gironda system utilizes lower weights with more sets and less frequent rest times. Lower weights are easier on your joints, reducing the likelihood for injury. Steve Holman, the creator of Old School New Body, used some of Gironda’s writings and work out logs and he gave some of these workouts a try.

The program packaging contains: –

  • A quick start guide
  • Interviews with fitness professionals
  • Ultimate reports
  • Supplement information


Can you trust the Old School New Body Program as a remedy of how to lose weight naturally at home? You sure can.

Well, the creators of the program, Steve and Becky Holman, have used the program with excellent results. Thousands of other users from all over the world have also trusted and used this life-changing program with astounding results.

Finally, Steve Holman has been the editor-in-chief for the Iron Man magazine. Consequently, he has the know-how about fitness and health through all stages of life.

Reap the benefits for a greater looking you!