How to Reduce Body Fat Naturally

If there ever were a magic pill to get lean, then all of us who aspire to shed a pound or several would be as lean as a Maasai warrior. But the real truth is, how to reduce body fat naturally is easier said than done. That is because it takes will, some element of commitment to both proper nutrition and workout regimen that works for you. Those two elements work in tandem and to your benefit as soon as you discover what they are.

Unfortunately, there is no ‘one fits all’ solution when it comes to losing weight. What works for your buddy or colleague may not necessarily work for you as a way of how to reduce body fat naturally.

Whereas the general approach to a healthy diet, lifestyle, and exercise apply to everyone aspiring to lose those extra pounds. Every individual will tend to have their unique challenges.

For that reason, it is imperative that you find out what nutrition and workout regimen will work in your favour based on your unique challenges. In a nutshell, a customized approach based on the said tenets will more likely yield better results.

Understanding why shedding weight is an uphill battle

There are several common challenges in the journey to losing weight. To be more successful in your quest to get leaner, the understanding of some of the obstacles you are likely to face can better prepare you for the journey. Furthermore, a heads up on what some of those hurdles are will help you better navigate the overwhelming frustration of not seeing results as soon as you would like to.

You probably have started on a shedding weight program before, only to lose steam weeks or a month later before achieving any significant success. Perhaps that has happened on several attempts. Don’t be too hard on yourself. That does not mean that you are lazy or uncommitted to a program enough to stick with it to the bitter end.

There could many other extenuating factors involved that impede your progress. That can range from:

  • Unpredictable work schedules
  • Health issues
  • Going through a difficult time in life
  • Not having the right fitness program for you
  • Genetic make up
  • Life stage

Your body is changing; Your approach should too

One of the recurrent themes with a good number of women over 40, when trying to shed body fat is, this used to work for me, but now it does not seem to work anymore. Is there something wrong with me? No, not really, but your body is changing and might not respond to the same workout regimen as it used to. So you might need to reconsider your usual workout program to suit the changes in your body.

What body changes are you talking about other than the extra fat that I have put on? You might ask. Well, consider what life stage you might be on if you are a woman of 40 and above, there is some solace in learning that hormonal changes affect all women over 40 irrespective of your size, shape or fitness level. And these contribute to increased body fat.

This can be a tumultuous time, even confusing with respect to fitness. Because work out regimens that used to work great, don’t seem to have any effect on you. As some women have discovered, at this life stage, you may want to tweak your diet and exercise regimen to work with you and not against you.

Body changes that you need to keep in mind when choosing a workout program

1. Metabolic rate

Shedding pounds has a lot to do with your metabolic rate. This is the number of calories you burn while your body is at rest. Considering that a woman’s physiology naturally has less muscle mass and more fat compared to their male counterparts. Metabolic rate is largely affected by muscle mass. And it does in part explain why it is significantly more difficult and may take longer for women to shed body fat.

2. Effects of pregnancy

During pregnancy, you will naturally gain weight and add on more body fat. After the baby comes, it may take a while before you get back your regular routine. If it’s any consolation, breastfeeding does help you lose some of that weight during that stage when your level of activity is minimal.

At a time when you are able to get back to your normal routine, sleep, nutrition, and the right exercise will gradually help you get back in shape.

3. Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS)

This condition is marked by hormonal imbalances that result in the irregularity of periods. In addition, it also makes losing weight even more difficult in women.

4. Menopause

During this life stage, women often gain weight in their abdomen due to slower metabolism and loss of hormones. However, irrespective of all the above factors, many women do still effectively manage to lose their weight.  That shows shedding weight is still possible with a properly customized approach and some self-awareness.

Three-pointers that can help women lose weight comfortably

1. Resistance and weight training

The two aspects that mostly affect weight and body fat loss are muscle mass and metabolic rate. As you age, you gradually start to lose muscle, and also your metabolism slows down.

By building muscle, it means you can burn calories faster even when your body is resting. It, therefore, is worth considering adding elements of resistance training into your workout regimen.

Weight resistance will not only help you build muscle but will also assist in the retention of muscle even as you age, thus improving your metabolic rate even as you grow older. That means you can reach the desired weight and stay lean successfully with the help of a customized program that caters and considers your unique needs.

There are several approaches to resistance training; here are some that you can include in your work out

  • Joining a fitness group class for Pilates
  • Use free weights or resistance bands
  • Perform exercises that use your body weight such as push-ups, lunges, and squats
  • Various gym machines

If you have not included weight training in your workout regimen, you should. The benefits are fantastic, even for women. A common misconception about weight training for women is the fear that they might end up looking manly. But that will not happen because women do not have the levels of testosterone that men do.

By weight training, you develop muscle mass, a higher metabolic rate as well as prevention of Osteoporosis. Muscle mass not only helps you burn more body fat but also plays a part in the decrease of insulin resistance, thus helps in preventing diabetes.

2. Find an eating plan that works for you

When it comes to losing weight, no one eating plan fits all. It also does not mean that one eating plan is better over another. You need to find the eating plan that addresses your nutritional need while complementing you aspiration to lose weight. Depending on your workout program, women generally need 1200 calories a day.

Women with PCOS, for instance, fair better with Ketogenic diets that tend to be low in carbohydrates. That’s because of their likelihood to be intolerant to high carb meal plans. So choose a diet that is in tandem with your eating habits and one that considers any unique condition that you may have, such as diabetes, anemia, etc. It needs also to be a choice that complements your work out.

3. Be in it for the long haul

With a bit of dedication and discipline to an eating plan as well as a workout program, you are likely to see some small but positive changes within a short period. To successfully lose weight, the law of cause and effect literally applies. Your consistency in both nutrition and exercise program will bring forth results.

That said, it is imperative that you choose a workout program that best suits you and one that you can keep up with, without feeling overwhelmed. Be sure to set some realistic short term fitness goals as well as long term goals. Mentally, you want to be prepared to make working out a lifestyle so that you can continue to make gains on losing that weight.

With such an approach, you can be sure to see some real tangible result that you can be proud of. That should keep you motivated and propel you even further, edging closer to that target weight one day at a time.

The Ultimate Get Lean program with a difference

There is no shortage to the number of weight loss programs out there. Choosing the right one can be a daunting task. With all the above factors considered, you will be happy to know that you can lose weight naturally. Without the need of popping pills or denying yourself food, the Get Lean training program is considered one of the best weight loss programs that will help you succeed where you have failed before.

how to reduce body fat naturally

If you are thinking of going on a diet as well as finding an exercise program that helps you lose weight effectively the natural way, then look no further than the Get Lean program by Belinda Benn.

Who is the Get Lean program for?

The Get Lean exercise weight loss program is designed to suit both young and middle-aged men and women looking to lose weight. The program is designed by Belinda Bell, who once worked for a leading beauty brand. She is now a fitness coach who has been featured on fitness magazines such as Sports&Health, BodyBuilding and Fit Bodies. This is a testament to her own weight loss and fitness journey as well as the numerous women and men of all ages her program has helped get into shape.

Is the Get Lean weight loss program any different?

With a sea of weight loss programs out there, one has to wonder why this one is any different. To address that thought, we will need first to define what Get Lean training program is all about. This training program is all about shedding weight naturally without the use of any supplements. It comprises of two things:

  • Eating plan – this a thick booklet with plenty of mouth-watering recipes designed to work with your hormones in bringing balance and harmony to your body while providing nourishment.
  • Exercise plan – the exercises are specifically targeted at burning fat. Most of these exercises involve the uses of your body weight but also includes resistance training using dumbbells and a bench. In addition to burning fat, this training tones and builds lean muscle.

The training program is different because of its simplicity, effectiveness, and it is natural. These are the three adjectives that best define the Get Lean Workout program. The program has been designed to increase your metabolism and burn fat naturally.

What comes with the Get Lean training program?

The training program comes with 10 components as listed below:

  • Get Lean 12 weeks Nutritional Manual
  • Recipe book for Torching the Fat
  • Get Lean start guide
  • Resistance reshaping workouts
  • Bodyweight fat burning exercises
  • Memory jogger work out clips
  • Printable workout progression plan
  • Cardio guide HIIT
  • Workout jump start guide
  • Access to a transformation coach which is free for 30days

All the material in the Get Lean program is instantly downloadable, and you do not need to wait for days or weeks to receive it through shipping. It will get you started on shedding body fat as soon as you start.

It is a common occurrence to start a training program and fail to see it through. One of the best support systems for this program is the inclusion of the online private member area where you can find motivation from other women working to lose weight as well. Knowing you are not in the weight shedding battlefield alone, can be immense motivation.

Results you can expect to see

The Get lean program allows you the luxury of training in your chosen space. That could be in your home, hotel room, or any other space that you prefer. This allows you to easily create time in a busy schedule while drastically increasing your chances of staying consistent without feeling overwhelmed.

Here’s what you can expect to see from the Get Lean 12 week training program

Month 1

As you familiarize with the exercises and get acquainted with the eating plan in month 1, you can expect to start gaining momentum. You will also feel a great sense of control as you take on the challenge of shedding weight head-on.

Month 2

You will feel mentally and physically stronger as you accelerate deeper into the program. You are enjoying the recipes on the eating plan, and you are feeling the new energy from your workouts. Your clothes will feel a bit looser by the end of this month. Taking on new challenges in life seems more joyful.

Month 3

By month three, you can feel and see the physical transformation starting to kick in. Your skin looks great, and your hair is gleaming. Your energy reserve has grown, and your body has visibly firmed up. You should not be surprised to fit into your old clothes. When you look in the mirror, the results of your workout and healthy eating are clearly paying off: Less body fat better, fitting clothes and vibrant skin.

Month 4 and Beyond

For the first time in a long time, you can look forward to buying new clothes. You love what your commitment has achieved for you. The transformation is no longer subtle but obvious to you and those close to you.

Healthy eating and working out for you is now on cruise control. You can afford to have treats and occasionally some alcohol without feeling neither terrible nor losing track on your progress.


Shedding weight naturally and gradually through healthy eating and fat burning workouts is the best way to go. The Get Lean program has the best approach for you, whether young or old. For once, here is a program that is realistic and requires taking no supplements. Learn how to eat in a way that works with your hormones. Learn how to exercise using your body weight as well as resistance training to burn off fat effectively. Get the Get Lean program today. You won’t regret it!