How to Whiten Teeth Overnight

A bright smile speaks volumes. And while the eyes are the windows to the soul, a smile seems to be the way to people’s heart. A smile can attract or repel depending on the state of your teeth. You might have a fantastic personality, but stained teeth or foul breath can overshadow that great personality. As such, many have asked of ways of how to whiten teeth overnight

You know what? The importance of dental hygiene cannot be overstated both for your well being as well as how others perceive you. In the world of business, perceptions and first impressions can make or break your success. Simple things such as foul breath or discoloured teeth can put off a client and become a deal-breaker. You might think them insignificant, but they are not. Your dental hygiene is one of those things that you want to be on top of as it affects how acquaintances perceive you.

Fortunately, there are excellent dental solutions that can be of help in maintaining proper dental hygiene. They also play a considerable part in improving your smile in ways that would make you marvel.

Why we need teeth whitening every so often

But before we get into the pros and cons of available teeth whitening options in the market today, let’s take a peek at why we develop stained or discoloured teeth.

According to a survey by the American Dental Association, it is clear that the need for most people to whiten their teeth is on the rise. The sales of teeth whitening toothpaste alone in the year 2016 are a reflection of the same as they were upwards of $3.2 million in global marketplaces.

Extrinsic staining

Our eating habits and aging will inadvertently affect the color of our teeth over time. Some of the most commonly known consumables that may change the color of our teeth include the following:

  • Tobacco use
  • Pigmented foods
  • Pigmented beverages such as tea, cola drinks, coffee, and red wine

The above list results in extrinsic staining of your teeth. That means these consumables stain the surface of your teeth. The dental interventions that are commonly used to whiten this type of staining are mechanical and include:

  • Whitening toothpaste
  • Professional Prophylaxis

Intrinsic staining

The process of aging often causes this staining of the teeth. As you get on in years, there is natural thinning of the enamel. This process will allow the dentin, which is more yellow to appear.

Prolonged use of antibiotics such as Tetracycline and Beta-lactam will also result in intrinsic staining of the teeth. Other causes of intrinsic staining include:

  • Fluorosis
  • Caries
  • Pulp necrosis
  • Intrapulpal haemorrhage
  • Amalgam restorations

Intrinsic staining is harder to deal with and may take repeated treatments to arrive at anything close to the desired results. For most people, ‘bleaching’ seems to be the go-to option to try and restore whiteness to their teeth. These can be through buying over the counter teeth bleaching products or in-office treatment by a dentist using teeth bleaching options.

Such products include:

  • Gels painted on teeth directly or delivered in custom made trays
  • Whitening strips

What is the best solution for teeth whitening?

Although conventional teeth whitening solutions may yield instant results, they also do come with side effects as a result of the bleaching compounds used. They can also be prohibitively expensive, thus making them inaccessible to most. So it seems to me that the best solutions would be one that gets the job done even if it takes more time to work. But it has no side effects and is relatively cost-effective.

Let’s delve a little deeper into teeth bleaching options and whether they are worth it.

Today, the market is flooding with teeth bleaching products. There are those that you can buy over the counter and bleach your teeth in the comfort of your house or some that you can get in-office at your dentist.

What is the active ingredient in teeth bleaching products?

Bleaching agents such as hydrogen peroxide and carbamide are commonly used in the formulation of teeth whitening solutions. With an upsurge of demand in teeth bleaching products as millions of people seek to improve their smiles, it has resulted in an influx of over the counter products for bleaching teeth.

The truth is hydrogen peroxide, and carbamide are already known to cause side effects such as teeth sensitivity as well as gingivital irritation. Teeth whitening using such products can cause irreversible damage to your teeth if conducted improperly.

Side effects of conventional teeth bleaches

All forms of teeth bleaching that contain hydrogen peroxide or carbamide do result in temporary sensitivity. That is the case whether your teeth are being bleached in-office at your dentist or you are doing it yourself at home with a teeth whitening product bought over the counter.

Several factors that may influence the degree of teeth sensitivity includes the concentration of hydrogen peroxide in a teeth whitening product as well as intensity and frequency of use.

Peroxide based gel products can cause gingival irritation should the gel seep through the protective barrier as a result of poor fitting trays. Fortunately, the irritation is often short-lived and will pass as soon as the treatment is over.

Regulation of teeth whitening products

There is no denying that the market is awash with teeth bleaching products. But because of the demand and lack of control in most parts of the world, the concentration of peroxide in a teeth bleaching product you buy may not be safe for your teeth. The European Union, for instance, has caught wind of this fact and have sort to create some form of regulation to protect consumers. That is based on informed advice from the European scientific committee on human safety.

Regulation of bleaching products for teeth in Europe now ensures that such products sold over the counter to consumers have a concentration of hydrogen peroxide that is no higher than 0.1% while those that go as high as 6% are only sold to dentists.

Unfortunately, such regulations and scrutiny do not apply to the rest of the world as far as bleaching teeth products are concerned. It is therefore not surprising to see teeth whitening services being conducted by unqualified personnel in salons, mall kiosks, and spas.

Is there a natural teeth whitening product that works?

That is a question that a massive number of people have been asking themselves and for valid reasons too. The main one being that most people are looking for a more natural solution to whiter teeth that does not involve harsh chemicals such as hydrogen peroxide and carbamide which are also known to irritate mucus membranes in the oral cavity as well as the gastric tracts should the chemical be swallowed accidentally.

Most of these conventional whitening products are expensive, and you have to keep going back to buy more every time you want to whiten your teeth. Teeth whitening procedures at a dentist can cost from as low as $300 to upwards of $1000. Given that teeth whitening is not permanent and you may need to go for another whitening session after several months, it is an expensive affair and beyond the reach of most people.


It is understandable that as a parent, you would not want these products near your child. And now that you know what bleaching compounds present in these teeth whitening products, you might have seconds thoughts about using them too. But then what other better option do you have as an alternative to help you maintain stellar dental hygiene and milk-white teeth.

Well, there is a solution and a natural one at that. For those who have discovered the ‘Teeth whitening 4 you‘ wish they had known about this dental guide earlier. Based on numerous online reviews, this is one teeth whitening natural product that has worked for so many and has zero side effects.

Does Teeth whitening 4 you work?

how to whiten teeth overnight

Teeth whitening 4 you has a holistic approach to your dental care while making your teeth whiter. The program helps you understand that discolouration is often as a result of lifestyle more than anything else. As much as the natural product will make your teeth whiter, it also helps you understand what habits you might want to get rid off in order to improve and maintain better dental health.

The Author of Teeth whitening 4 you is a former member of the dental community.

The journey

She worked as a dental nurse for more than 16 years, and she is well versed with the chemicals in question. So when she says that the high dosage of hydrogen peroxide found in most whitening products can cause teeth sensitivity that may be hard to reverse.

She felt compelled to search for a natural solution to teeth whitening that was free of bleaching chemicals. She knew that there has to be a better and more cost-effective way to whiten your teeth. While at the same time dealing with bad oral odors as a result of smoking tobacco.

Her journey leads to a load of research and potential whitening ingredients that she tried on herself as well as family and friends.


Through this period, her findings failed to give the whitening results that she was looking for in an all-natural product. But those failures also armed her with knowledge and edged her a little closer to the solution. Eventually, her trials and errors lead to the natural dental triumph that we know today as Teeth whitening 4 you. It is perhaps the only natural teeth whitening product out there. When you search online for natural teeth whitening products, you will likely find no other natural solution of how to whiten teeth at home fast.

You will also see the numerous real reviews of people who have used this product and found it to be one of the best-kept secrets. That’s because it is an affordable tooth whitening solution with zero side effects. One of the many reviews that caught my attention was a woman who was not so confident because of her yellowish teeth. For her, going to the dentist to have them whitened was too costly.

She opted to get the Teeth whitening 4 you program, which is affordable, has no side effects and proved to work within a short period. Although she was sceptical at first, she admits that it is one of the best buys she has ever made in her life. That’s because it has not only restored her smile but won her confidence back without breaking the bank.

How does it work?

The Teeth whitening 4 you comes in the form of an e-book. It is essentially a downloadable digital PDF that contains natural proven methods that are effective in teeth whitening without any side effects. These natural teeth whitening program accomplishes white teeth for you because of the following:

  • It explains to you in an easy to understand but in-depth manner why your teeth may be discolored. And habits that you can get rid off to help achieve better dental health
  • The guide delivers to you six tested and proven steps that will help treat your teeth discolouration and leave you with whiter teeth for the long term
  • Provides you with three home-based, inexpensive solutions that you can use to treat discolored teeth effectively
  • Enlightens you on easily accessible herbal cures that have been used for decades to treat discolored teeth with zero side effects effectively
  • Reveals to you a common kitchen ingredient that delivers fantastic results in teeth whitening
  • The guide offers you a comprehensive step by step navigation through the six steps of achieving white teeth for the long term

The Teeth whitening 4 you guide is well written and easy to understand. The language is simple, and points are clear making it easy for you to follow through the steps confidently without missing anything.


Now you no longer have to scratch your head wondering when you might afford a visit to the dentist for a teeth bleaching session. For better health and whiter teeth with no side effect, you can now use the Teeth whitening 4 you at a very affordable price. The cost of this natural dental guide is a fraction of what you will pay for expensive whitening gels or a visit to your dentist for a teeth bleaching session.

Teeth whitening 4 you is an ultimate natural remedy for discolored teeth and promotes dental hygiene. Conventional bleaching methods will work by giving you instant results as well as side effects. If you are looking for a long term natural solution to whiter and stronger teeth, your best bet is to use affirmed natural methods. Such as Teeth whitening 4 you. It works, leaves your teeth healthy, and a whole load of change in your pocket. You buy this program once, and you can use it for a lifetime. Now that’s what you call a bargain! Get it today at Teeth whitening 4 you.