Natural Methods of Treating Eczema Fast

What is Eczema?

The term eczema originates from a Greek word meaning “to boil out”. This disease is an itchy, scaly red rash that is very irritating. It affects about 30% of the world’s population. Some children outgrow eczema but for others the condition persists into adult life. Eczema can be mild, moderate but in some cases very severe. Treating eczema can be very tricky. You could be one of these thousands of people who are suffering not because you have not sought treatments for eczema but because you have not come across the best eczema treatment. Your baby could also be a victim, and you feel awful when you see it suffering because you don’t how to get rid of eczema. People who have eczema suffer from a dry, scaly and a very sensitive skin. Sometimes the itching is so intense that the sufferers may break the skin leading to bleeding. But it does not have to come to this since there are natural remedies for eczema you can use to get rid of eczema.

Body parts affected by eczema

Body Parts Affected by Eczema

Infants and children may have eczema especially on the chin and cheeks, the scalp, chest, neck, back of legs and arms.

Adults tend to have eczema around the neck, wrists, ankles, behind the knees and the inner elbows.

Causes and triggers of eczema

Genetic Factors: Children whose parents have eczema may develop it, and the chances increase if both parents have it.

Environment factors

These include allergens such as pollen, pets, dust mites, mould, fragrances, alcohol and feathers that cause the skin to be very itchy. You can, however, control it using a suitable shampoo since not all shampoos are useful for treating eczema.

Changes in temperatures – Hot weather seasons such as summer and dry climates may trigger eczema.

Some foods will worsen your condition. They include dairy products such as milk, soy products, wheat products and nuts. You can start by stopping eating these foods and then reintroduce one by one to know those that cause “flare ups”. Therefore, eczema and diet have to go hand in hand if you hope to succeed in treating eczema.

Irritants – They include tobacco smoke, some detergents, some soaps, shampoos, and disinfectants.

Microbes – Some forms of bacteria, fungi, and viruses worsen eczema.

Hormones– for women, the condition may become worse during certain times such as during their menstrual cycles and pregnancy.

Stress – Although stress does not cause eczema it can worsen the symptoms. You can reduce stress by doing things that you love and be on the road to get rid of eczema.

Treating eczema using creams

Creams and lotions -Apply when the skin is damp to keep it moist. There are topical steroids and oral ones for severe cases. Some of the steroids have adverse effects like thinning the skin and do not cure eczema.

Are there home creams for treating eczema?

Natural Creams for Eczema

Avocado and Aloe Vera when applied topically help to moisturize and heal the broken skin. The two are natural remedies for eczema.

Treating eczema using foods

Food to treat Eczema naturally

Foods that are low in histamine and those that lower it are the best eczema treatment foods.

Eczema sufferers are allergic to histamine since it worsens the disease.

The following foods are natural remedies for eczema prevention and cure:

Green vegetable juices such as celery, cucumber, parsley, kale, lettuce and ginger.

Beef and chicken broth. They provide skin repairing amino acid glycogen.

Bananas – contain histamine lowering nutrients and are high in potassium, magnesium and vitamin C.

Potatoes – an alkaline food that is rich in fiber, potassium and vitamin C.

Green onion- Contain anti-inflammatory and histamine lowering properties. It also contains vitamin K and is good for a healthy skin.

Mung bean sprouts- A potent alkalizing food.

Rice milk – Is eczema-safe because it is low in allergy and chemicals.

Fruits – colorful fruits such as strawberries, blueberries, citrus fruits like oranges, and kiwi are rich in vitamin C and are good antihistamines.

Meats – for example chicken and turkey breasts that are skinless. They contain a lot of proteins iron, and zinc hence they are good for eczema sufferers because of their high immunity properties.

Fish – fish that are high in omega three fatty acids are the best. They include tuna, salmon, trout, herring, cod, mackerel, sardines, halibut and flounder.

Do exercises help in treating eczema?

Exercises to treating Eczema

Do they contribute to reducing or promoting the disease? We all break out a sweat when we are exercising. Exercises can be tricky to eczema sufferers since the sweat cools and dries on the skin. Perspiration largely contains water, urea and minerals like sodium. You lose a lot of moisture during exercise making your skin dry, and it becomes worse since sodium dehydrates the skin further. But nothing should prevent you from doing what you love. You only need to take the following precautions in your fight to get rid eczema.

  • Drink plenty of water ahead, during and after exercise – This helps to hydrate the skin and replace the water lost through perspiration. The sweat will also not be sodium concentrated.
  • Choose the right clothes for exercise. Avoid synthetics like polyester and spandex since they will irritate your sensitive skin. Instead, opt for cotton garments that are buggy to avoid rubbing against your skin during exercise especially around the neck, waistline and cuffs.
  • Take frequent breaks during your exercise and use this opportunity to rest, hydrate and cool down your body.
  • Use cold compressors like ice to cool and calm your skin to avoid “flare ups”. You can also use a cooling towel during the break.
  • Moisturize before and after exercise. Use emollients that protect your skin during exercise. Be sure to select a cream or ointment that is lighter and that which your skin can absorb quickly. A heavier cream might trap in heat making you hot and in the end may become counterproductive.
  • Avoid hot showers – Though a hot shower relaxes the muscles after an exercise, you should avoid it for the sake of your eczema. Sudden changes in temperatures can bring a ‘flare out’. Start by using lukewarm water and gradually cool it for your body to cope. Even though gyms and fitness centers may supply shower gels, soaps and shampoos, it is advisable you use your own to avoid the risk of worsening your eczema.
  • Chlorine in swimming pools could trigger your eczema. If you love swimming apply a generous coat of moisturizer before swimming and after swimming.

 How can you prevent your child from scratching?

Keep your child’s nails short to reduce the damage that nails can have on the skin as you combine various treatments for eczema.


Yoga – How does it help in treating eczema?

Yoga and Ezcema

If your condition worsens because of sweat, you may opt for less vigorous alternatives such as yoga. It will cause less perspiration but will still stretch and strengthen your muscles and will aid you to get rid of eczema.


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