Nutritional Value of Vegetables

Our perception of veggies today has shifted. Today, more people appreciate the power of vegetables and their positive health impacts on our bodies due to the nutritional value of vegetables. Greens are exceptionally healthy because they are low in saturated fat and cholesterol. They make a great source of Vitamins such as A, C, and K in addition to providing dietary fiber.

Going green is cool

Nutritional Value of Vegetables

Nutritional Value of Vegetables

More people are realizing the fantastic nutritional value of vegetables and concluding that they could use more of their goodness. With nutritional blogs popping everywhere on the Internet, eating and drinking green has become quite the trend.

It is common now to see your loved ones or colleagues at work slurping down green shakes. This, for a majority, is becoming a preference over coffee or other beverages that cannot match the nutritional value of green juices.

For those of us who feel like we are not consuming enough greens, there is plenty of green supplements in the market that can make up for that deficit. Or better yet, you can get green drinks such as NeutraGreens Green Juice for the best combination of ingredients with exceptional nutritional value. We shall explore NeutraGreens Green Juice further down in this post, so please read on.

Green ingredients are taking the world by storm

For the longest time, we have not given veggies the nutritional credit that they deserve. From various quarters, people have always respected veggies for the role they play in our daily diet. Nonetheless, it is now that the wider populace is fully recognizing and embracing them.

Not too long ago, being vegan was not exactly cool. When you said that you are vegan, one would automatically wonder why you would choose that lifestyle. Or what in the world do you have against meat? You must understand that for most people, although they realize the importance of veggies to some degree, they fail to afford them the place they deserve on the table of nutrition. To some people, anyone feeding on veggies would have to be having financial challenges.

This perception is quickly changing. Perhaps it is even fair to say that it has significantly changed already. Thanks to blogs on nutrition, diets, and fitness, the power of veggies is shining through. With more people realizing that you can live a healthier lifestyle by being conscious of what you consume daily, the majority are eating more veggies and less of animal products.

Eat with the season

Eat in Season for Good Health

Green juices have also risen in popularity. Vegan and omnivorous blogs are awash with recipes on how to make nutritious green juice. If you live near an open market that has plenty of greens, then it’s somewhat easier to find a variety of veggies that you like. Alternatively, you can always get what is in season at your local grocery store or hypermarket.

Depending on where you live, a decision to consume more veggies can end up being costlier than you had anticipated. That is why we recommend that you learn to work with different seasonal greens. Those who have a back or front yard can take to growing some of their favorite veggies.

Veggies and Herbs Considered as Super foods

There is no shortage of the number of vegetables that you can work with for a healthy meal. For those who prefer juices, there are numerous ingredients that you can use to make a nutritious juice.

The advantage of juicing veggies is that you can combine several ingredients and drink them raw for notable health benefits. You would be surprised to know that the regular bag of vegetables you frequently shop, includes about 30 super foods.

Let us take a look at some veggies and herbs that have earned the title super food:


  1. Broccoli

You may be surprised to see broccoli on this list. You are probably wondering how such a bland tasting veggie can be a super food. Well, broccoli fits the bill of a super food because it is chock full of vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin K as well as folate.

  1. Carrots

Carrots for a Dose of Green Goodness to Your DayCarrots are full of a natural chemical compound known as beta carotene. This compound is known to strengthen the immune system as well as improve vision and eye health.

  1. Cashews Nuts

Nature has jam-packed them with nutrients ranging from iron, copper, magnesium, zinc, selenium, and phosphorus. This is in addition to vitamin E, vitamin K, and vitamin B6.

  1. Cabbage

Some of the nutrients contained in cabbages include zinc, magnesium, and vitamin B2. They do an excellent job of fighting common issues such as ulcers.

  1. Chlorella

This green is a superfood because it is packed with vital nutrients to the human body, such as magnesium, zinc, and protein.

  1. Kale

Kales - Nutritional Value of VegetablesKale is one veggie that is readily available and among the easiest to grow. It is filled with nutrients in quantities that your body requires every day. For instance, kale will provide 134% of Vitamin C of what your body needs. It is also a rich source of vitamin K. Kale delivers 684% of vitamin K, way beyond what you require for your daily intake. A small portion of kale in your green juice or regular diet is most recommended.

It now becomes easier to see why high profile athletes incorporate juicing in their diet and lifestyle for a high level and stellar performance. It also becomes clear why a good portion of millennials have embraced green protein shakes, not so much for the taste but the health benefits that come with such a habit.

What is surprising is that these are ingredients that are easily accessible to us and at an affordable cost. Those who have discovered the power in veggies and green juices can bear testament to their many health benefits.

Health Benefits of Green Juices

The trend on green juicing seemed like a fad, but it has now taken root as more people read and understand the exceptional health benefits that it brings. Millennials don’t just see it as cool but beneficial to their health as well.

Here are some of the most obvious benefits:

  • Faster absorption of nutrients
  • Glowing skin
  • Increased energy levels
  • Better cognitive function
  • Aids in alkalizing your body
  • Improves your hair strength and promotes stronger nails
  • Good for work out recovery

Sample Green Juice Recipe

Making a green juice or shake at home is straightforward. If you love your shake juiced with no fiber, then you will need a juicer. If your preference is a mixture that has loads of fiber, then you can opt to blend instead.

Green juices take some getting used to because they predominantly have a grassy taste that some people find a bit overwhelming. But that can be masked to some degree by learning what to include to improve the taste. For example, the following recipe is not only tasty but highly nutritious.

You must also remember that homemade green juice is best consumed while fresh.


Step 1:

  • One bunch of kale that has been roughly chopped
  • 1 inch of peeled ginger
  • One large lemon, peeled and quartered
  • One large cucumber cut into long strips
  • Four whole stalks of celery
  • Two large apples, sliced and cored

Step 2:

  • Wash thoroughly and prep the ingredients
  • Juice or blend in the sequence listed above
  • You can opt to strain using a sieve or drink as is

Drink immediately or leave in the fridge for an hour to cool. If your juicer or blender can crush ice, you can always add a few ice cubes into the mix so that the end product comes out chilled.

You are now ready to enjoy some delicious, nutritious green juice. What is beyond debate is the fact that green juice is a very nutritious drink with plenty of health benefits. I am not at all surprised people are ditching other beverages for green protein shakes.

Some shortcomings of Homemade Green Juices

  1. Since the ingredients can be fairly concentrated, it is advisable to seek your doctor’s OK if you suffer from a medical condition of concern.
  2. You lack time to hit the grocery store for ingredients or the time to do the whole juice preparation. Admittedly, it is a tricky affair to do juicing in the morning and be out in time to make for work. Most people love their morning organized so the actual juicing and clean up can be too much of a chore for the morning.
  1. Green juice is not a substitute for your meals. It should be seen as a supplement that encourages you to take in more veggies in the day.

Having green juice at mid-morning will not only energize you but will see through the morning without interfering with your eating schedule. You can always have another in mid-afternoon if you choose too. Or after a workout in the evening.

Homemade juice is best when drank fresh, so having this type of juice at the office hours after preparation can be unsafe. But that is not an issue, because we have the perfect solution that makes up for all these shortcomings –

NeutraGreens Green Juice

Fully Organic Green Juice

To enjoy nutritious green juice anywhere and anytime, you need NeutraGreens Green Juice. It has been formulated by a brand that you can trust.

This juice has an impressive combination of green veggies and fruits. The result is an organic green juice that is palatable. But more importantly, NeutraGreens Green Juice comes as a ready to use product. This eliminates the issue of making time to buy ingredients or trying to squeeze in time to juice them. With this ready to use juice, you can start enjoying healthy green juice at times of your choosing today. Whether you have a juicer or not.

What ingredients are in NeutraGreens Green Juice?

This green juice has great ingredients. It comes loaded with balanced nutrients, and the taste is not horrific. The authentic grassy taste of veggies is there, but not in an overwhelming fashion. That is important because it is the hallmark of any authentic veggie juice.

NeutraGreens Green Juice is  all vegan and is infused with the following core ingredients among others:

  •  Coconut Water Crystals
  • Ashwagandha
  • Spirulina – contains some protein but is rich in vitamin B. You may be surprised to learn that it is edible algae


Those who are into green protein juices know a good thing when they see one. NeutraGreens Green Juice reviews tell it all. Those who have tried it have praised its palatability and high nutritional benefits. Its core ingredients which are plants deliver a healthy punch in your day. Given that it is in powder form, preparation is easy and convenient. Now you can get your daily green fix, anywhere, anytime. With or without a juicer…..

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